Paying for an Ashesi Education

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Tuition & Other Fees

2019/2020 Academic Year Fees
Tuition fees per term GHs3,000
Other Fees
Health Insurance GHs500 / term

Additionally, families are advised to plan for additional expenses around meals and other personal items that students may need. The University advises families to plan to spend a minimum of GHs20 per day on meals. Families can also opt to put their students on a university meal plan, which guarantees daily meals throughout the semester. For families that prefer to do so, meal plans start from approximately GHs2,500 per semester.

Installment Plans

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Early Payment Discount 3.5%
Additional Fees for Paying in Two Instalments 3% fee


We are committed to granting equal opportunities to students who qualify to attend Ashesi, regardless of their financial resources. Thanks to generous support from individuals and partner organisations, Ashesi awards significant need-based financial support to qualified students each year. Scholarships provide full or partial financial support for tuition fees and housing. Scholarships are only awarded to students prior to their enrolment into Ashesi, and students who are already admitted cannot apply for a scholarship. To receive a scholarship from Ashesi, families are required to show proof of inability to afford the full tuition fee.

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