Students are taught a collection of WAEC approved experiments that cover a wide range of biological concepts and processes. These experiments are placed within real-life contexts to enable students apply and extend their knowledge and understanding of biology in a manner that stimulates interest and aids learning and retention. Experiments carried out include but not limited to:

  • How to use the microscope
  • Test for starch in a leaf
  • Biological drawing
  • Symmetry, Section and orientation
  • Movement of substances in and out of cells
  • Classification of organisms


Students are taken through a series of experiments to increase their understanding of the composition, properties and change of matter. With and fully stocked and well equipped chemistry laboratory, we are able to guide students through hands-on practical work that cut across the entire WASSCE curricula. This fosters curiosity and nurtures of students in choosing career paths in the chemistry field. Experiments carried out include:

  • Identification and use of basic laboratory apparatus
  • Preparation and dilution of standard solutions
  • Acid-Base Titrations
  • Back Titration
  • Double Indicator Titration


Students are guided to experiment on the fundamental laws and principles of Physics and gain experience in the use of instruments. Our physics practical sessions are motivational and fun and sharpen the students’ powers of observation, stimulate investigation and aid to develop the appreciation and understanding of Physics. Some experiments carried out during our sessions are:

  • Identification and use of basic instruments
  • Determination of density/ relative density of objects
  • Verification of the law of floatation
  • Experimental determination of coefficient of friction
  • Verification of Hooke’s law
  • Verification of laws of reflection and refraction
  • Experimental verification of Ohm’s law
  • Moments (Balancing with masses)
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