Basic Requirements

Admissions to tertiary institutions outside the country are competitive. It is therefore, imperative that a student aspiring for a tertiary education in the United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom etc make good grades with a minimum of C4.

If required by the college or university, it will be requested from the College Board that your official test score be sent directly to the college or university admissions office.

An official transcript from student’s Senior High School is sent electronically to student’s choice of university of application. It includes information on the record of all the courses taken for high school by the student, school credit, grades and credits earned. It also includes GPA, class rank, standardized test scores and course in progress.

Students must provide evidence of extra curricula activities, leadership skills, personal and volunteering activities they have been engaged in.

Students are required to submit both long and short essays. In some cases, students are given a topic to write on and in other cases, students are at liberty to write on any topic that is of interest to them.

Two types of recommendation letters are requested for submission.
Counsellor Recommendation Letter : This is submitted by the counsellor on behalf of your senior high school.
Teacher/ Instructor Recommendation Form: This is filled by an instructor who knows you well.

About A Level

Advance level is the second part of General Certificate of Education (GCE). It is also a two year course and it is recognized by the standard assessment of a student’s suitability to enter university. It is similar to the American Advanced Placement which are equivalent to first year courses of American four year bachelor degree. At least a minimum of five grade A- C from O- level including English and Mathematics is needed as a qualification to commence A- Level. .