Rules & Regulations

General School Rules

General Offences and Punishment

For the benefit of both students and parents the general offences and sanctions under the school rules and regulations have been summarized as follows: classification of offences and their recommended punishments.

Repeated disrespect towards Staff amounting to insubordinationScrubbing a specified WC for 2 weeks in the first instance; for a subsequent offence, dismissal.
Disrespect to school prefectsSweeping and dusting tables and chairs
Indecent LanguageSweeping a given area for 2 days.
Improper dressing
- Wearing of rings, bungles and chains
- Sandals should not be more than half an inch
Schools short/skirts shouldn’t be below the waist (Otto philters)
Sweeping a classroom for one (1) week plus canning
The use of unauthorized clothing and sandals Confiscation of the clothing concerned
Fighting in School2 weeks external suspension and to come along with parents to sign a bond of good behaviour.
Leaving the school before official closing Time without permission.Scrubbing the toilet for a week.
Possessing or Drinking Alcoholic BeveragesDismissal
Physical attack on member of staff4 weeks suspension or dismissal depending on the circumstances leading to attack.
Physical attack on prefects4 weeks suspension or dismissal depending on the circumstances.
Negligence of duty by prefectsWarning in the first instance and subsequently removal from post
Habitual lateness to schoolpost
Habitual lateness to school
Washing the school’s dustbin and bringing parents along to sign a bond of good behaviour; dismissal.
Absenting oneself from school gatheringsScrubbing the toilet for 3 days
Bullying of students and causing harm to them1 week Suspension and reporting along with parents to sign a bond of good behaviour
Possession of dangerous drugsDismissal plus the confiscation of the drug
Receiving visitors during school hours without permissionScrubbing two sets of WC for a day.
Bleaching of hairScrubbing three sets of WC for 4 days and shaving off hair.
Dangerous use of weapons e.g. knife, dagger etc.Dismissal
Refusal to do or complete prefect’s punishmentScrubbing of the school dustbin for 2 days
Refusal to do or complete teacher’s Caning at assembly in front of the whole School plus doing the given punishment
Cheating during examination or class testCanceling of papers plus caning
Breaking of louver, furniture, Electrical switches/ plugs etc Double payment for damaged article and sweeping of a circumscribed area
Instigating students to demonstrateSuspension and possible dismissal, depending on the seriousness of the offence
Unacceptable hair cutCleaning the blackboards for specified number of classrooms for 2 weeks
Persistent absence from class Withdrawal from school
Sexual ImmoralityDismissal
Exchange of words or verbal attack on members of staff2 weeks suspension plus caning, bring parents to sign bond of good behaviour.
Possessing mobile phones, radios and other electronic gadgetsTotal Confiscation of electronic gadgets.
Painting of lips and nails as well as keeping long finger nails(multi-color, lip shine and lip gloss)Cleaning the blackboards for specified specified number classrooms for 2 weeks
Banging of chairs/tables in the classroomPayment of the cost per chair or table.
Writing on walls and painting on wallsBill student concern with the cost of painting.
Loitering about during classes hours Removing cobwebs for the term
Noise making/hooting during school Gatherings or in the classroomsSweeping a classroom for 2 weeks plus caning
Any act of occultism including practicing it, enticing/Wooing others into it, secret societies,
Voodoo, magical practices, chanting, rituals and other satanic practices
Dismissal of students concerned and banning its operations
Refusal to put on the required school belt (unisex)Scrubbing the school dustbin for two (2) days plus canning.
Jumping and climbing the ground floor in and out
of the school 
Four (4) weeks suspension and signing a bond of good behavior with parents/guardian
Altering figures on School fee cards and receiptsScrubbing the school dustbin for two (2) Weeks, plus canning in front of the whole School.

Students are to note that the required sandals colour for school is black or brown

A breach of common sense is a breach of school rules

Issued by the Director