The Science Department

Discover the Science Department at Preset Pacesetters SHS

A Message from the Science Department

Our motto, ‘Science made Easy’ is a reflection of our commitment to ensuring we deliver the science curriculum to our students in an easy and practical manner.

We are always excited to welcome a new crop of students who have applied to study science with us. You’ve come to the right place to study science.

We also welcome the opportunity to convince those who are undecided that science can be ‘conquered’, if you have the right learning environment, which we provide. Our priority as a department is to assist you pass your WASSCE successfully.

Come and start your journey of discovery!

Our Science Programme

Composed of experienced tutors, the Science department aims at training students to learn and appreciate the fundamental theories, practical applications and the role of science in advancing our society.

This is facilitated by our well-equipped, modern science laboratory and a rigorous practical training preparation towards WASSCE.

The science department has adopted as it’s motto, “Science made Easy” to overcome the tendency of students to fear pursing science in Senior Secondary Schools.

Subject Combinations for Science

The Science Programme consists of the following subject combinations:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Elective Maths

The Business Department

Discover the Business Department at Preset Pacesetters SHS

A Message from the Business Department

Welcome to a new stage of life and the beginning of an exciting adventure into the world of business. We look forward to meeting all the students who have enrolled into the Business programme.

We also look forward to helping prospective students who have not yet enrolled, decide. You are welcome to come over and let’s help settle any doubts or uncertainties you have about pursuing business studies in Senior High School.

Begin your journey towards a high flying business career with us.

Meet the Business Department

Meet the teaching staff behind the Business Programme at Preset Pacesetters SHS

Our Business Programme

A study in the fundamentals of business management and financial accounting is the focus of the Business Department of Premodal Remedial School. The experience of the teaching staff in the department, enables our students to acquire a solid foundation towards success in the WASSCE exams.

Economic growth is the mainstay of most private and public institutions. Our goal therefore is to prepare students studying in the Business department for a wide range of careers in public service or private enterprise. To achieve this without sacrificing quality or depth of knowledge, we have created two options of study within the department, to meet the different needs of students.

For all prospective students interested in becoming a part of the Business Department, we say welcome. Come and let’s start you on the path to success.

Subject Combinations for Business

The Business Programme consists of the following two sets of subject combinations:

Business 1

  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Economics

Business 2

  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Costing/Elective Maths

The General Arts Department

Discover the General Arts Department at Premodal Remedial School

A Message from the General Arts Department

Every journey begins with the first step. If you have decided to study with us, then we welcome you to your first step towards pursuing a successful liberal arts education.

If you are still deciding, the we say, look no further for the best foundation to prepare you adequately towards both the WASSCE and tertiary studies in the arts.

Take the step in confidence, our pedigree of 23 years of top-notch graduates, speaks for itself. We look forward to helping educate the next generation of future leaders here in our department.

Study with us and get started right!

Our General Arts Programme

The General Arts department draws on the vast experience of teaching staff from across diverse fields of liberal arts and sciences. Our General Arts studies provide students a diverse range of possibilities for the path they choose for tertiary studies and future careers.

In order to fully capture this wide range of possibilities, the General Arts Department of Preset Pacesetters SHS offer two different sets of subject combinations. Our guidance and counseling team assist students decide which of these subject combinations is best suited for their future needs.

The General Arts department prides itself on bringing together and blending the arts and sciences, for the success of our students.

Subject Combinations for General Arts

The General Arts Programme consists of the following two sets of subject combinations:

General Arts 1

  • Geography
  • Government
  • History/Literature

General Arts 2

  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Elective Maths/Government

The Visual Arts Department

Discover the Visual Arts Department at Premodal Pacesetters SHS

A Message from the Visual Arts Department

Welcome to the Visual Arts department, where we will help you unleash your creative potential in fun, artistic environment. Of course, our primary goal is your success during your WASSCE exams, but we do not stop just there. Get ready for a great three-year adventure!

To all prospective studies, we also look forward to meeting you and helping guide and counsel you on any issues or doubts in pursuing Visual Arts studies.

There are diverse career paths that you can branch off into within fine arts and industrial arts, so why not come and enjoy yourself while attaining success.

Your path to creative success begins with our department.

Our Visual Arts Programme

The Visual Arts department of Preset Pacesetters SHS has a rich history of successes, including very good results in the WASSCE exams. We have experienced tutors drawn from many of the highest technical institutions.

As both a theory and practical oriented programme, our Visual Arts department ensures all elective subjects include a rigorous practical regimen. This is combined with a solid foundation in theory to ensure our students are adequately prepared both for the WASSCE exams and for further studies. Our students can also become entrepreneurs using the practical skills they acquire.

We are proud of the Visual Arts programme and happily invite students interested to come and join our department with success assured.

Subject Combinations for Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Programme consists of the following subject combination:

  • General Knowledge in Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Ceramics
  • Economics
  • Picture Making

The Home Economics Department

Discover the Home Economics Department at Preset Pacesetters SHS

A Message from the Home Economics Department

Welcome to the Home Economics department. We are excited to meet all our new students and to acquaint and orient you for your three-year study.

TWe are equally excited for those who are undecided in their area of study and have decided to take a look at our department. We offer comprehensive study covering all approved courses and practicals to prepare you for WASSCE and also for diverse careers in the culinary arts and the hospitality industry. Come and meet us, so we can help answer any questions and get you started on this journey.

We are ready for you. Come and join us!

Our Home Economics Programme

Studying Home Economics at Preset Pacesetters SHS provides you with the perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical training. We ensure we satisfy the requirements of the curriculum while still providing skills which equip our students to become entrepreneurs early in life.

There department has very experienced, award winning tutors and a well-equipped lab with modern appliances for all practical sessions. Safety is one of the vital aspects of home economics and our tutors ensure all practicals are done in supervised, safe environments.

We welcome all students who want to learn how to mix science and art to provide culinary delights, for future careers in the worldwide hospitality industry.

Subject Combinations for Home Economics

The Home Economics Programme consists of the following subject combination:

  • General Knowledge in Art
  • Management–In–Living
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Biology

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