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Preset Pacesetters SHS Prospectus

Our current prospectus for boarding house students


  • MALE: Yellow shirt over Khaki shorts
  • FEMALE: Yellow blouse over Khaki skirts

Uniforms are supplied by the school

Ceremonial Dress

  • MALE: Shirt made of our ceremonial cloth
  • FEMALE: Dress made of our ceremonial cloth

Ceremonial dress will be supplied by the school

Required Items for Boarding House

General Items (Boys/Girls)General Items (Boys/Girls)
1 Trunk (no chop box)1 Bucket (metal/plastic)
1 Suitcase (medium size)2 Car duster rags
1 Cup1 Pack of T-Roll (each term)
2 Plates and 1 Fufu bowl1 Pair sports  sports footwear
1 Cutlery set1 Student mattress (covered with leather)
2 Pairs of socks1 Pillow (covered with leather)
1 Pair black shoes1 Mosquito net (student bed size)
1 Jute bag (blue and white)1 White long sleeves shirt
1 Standing broom (plastic)1 Student mattress (covered with leather)
1 Scrubbing brush2 Bed sheets and pillow cases (white)
1 Mop and mop bucketGirls Only
1 Gallon liquid soapGold stud ear rings
Boys Only2 Pairs of socks (white)
2 Yellow check shirts (buy material at school)2 Yellow check dresses (buy material at school)
2 Pairs of khaki trousers1 Black skirt
1 Pair of black trousers1 Pair of black trousers
1 Black and white shirt (African print)1 Black and white Kaba and Slit (African print)
1 Sports Wear (black shorts and white T-shirt)1 Sports wear (black shorts and white T-shirt)
1 Set of clothes hangers1 Set of clothes hangers
Deodorant (2 each term)Deodorant (2 each term)

House Attire For Boys

Sunday Church Attire For Boys (Christian Students Only)

Friday Mosque Attire For Boys (Muslim Students Only)


Sports Outfit For Boys

Black Footwear For Boys

Sandals For School (Boys)

Footwear For Sports (Boys & Girls)

House Attire For Girls

Sunday Church Attire For Girls (Christian Students Only)

Friday Mosque Attire For Girls (Muslim Students Only)

Sports Outfit For Girls

Black Footwear For Girls

Sandals For School (Girls)

Approved School Clothing

Church Attire

  • 1 Pair of Kaba & Slit (black and white wax print) of house wife style – (Girls)
  • 1 White cotton polyester straight dress – (Girls) (prescribe style is attached to the form)
  • 1 White shirt (long sleeves)
  • 1 Plain blue tie (Boys)
  • 1 Black trouser (Boys).
  • 1 Wax print shirt (Black and white) – Boys
  • 1 Pair of leather shoe (black/brown); not more than ½ an inch.

House Attire

  • 2 Yellow and White Check Dress(Girls)
  • 2 Yellow and white check shirt(Boys)
  • 1 Khaki trousers (Boys)
  • 1 Khaki short (Boys)

Prep Attire

  • 2 White shirts (long/short sleeve) – both sex
  • 2 Black trousers (Girls)
  • 3 Pair of socks (both sex)

Illegal Items

  • Mufti (any not prescribed house attire/dress other than the check)
  • Chains
  • Rings
  • Dangling ear rings
  • Bangles of any kind
  • Any item outside the prospectus is considered to be mufti.

Admission Details

Rules & Regulations

School Brochure

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