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Preset Pacesetters SHS Prospectus

Our current prospectus for boarding house students


  • MALE: Yellow shirt over Khaki shorts
  • FEMALE: Yellow blouse over Khaki skirts

Uniforms are supplied by the school

Ceremonial Dress

  • MALE: Shirt made of our ceremonial cloth
  • FEMALE: Dress made of our ceremonial cloth

Ceremonial dress will be supplied by the school

Required Items for Boarding House

Food & DiningCleaning
1 Cup1 Broom
2 Plates1 Scrubbing Brush
1 Cutlery Set1 Bucket (metal/plastic)
Clothing & Footwear
2 Bottles of Parazone
2 Pairs of socks
2 car duster rags
1 Pair of sandals (black); not more than ½ an inch of heel
1 Bottle of Dettol
Sports Wear (black shorts, white T-shirt & Canvas)
1 Pair of black shoes
Gold stud ear rings
3 underwear
1 Suitcase (medium size)
3 Vests
1 Trunk (No Chop box)
1 Night Gown
1 jute bag (blue and white)
3 Vest/Singlet
1 Student Mattress (covered with leather)
1 Set of pajamas
2 Bed sheets and pillow cases (white)
4 Pants/Boxers
1 Pillow

1 Sleeping Cloth

House Attire For Boys

Sunday Church Attire For Boys

Sports Outfit For Boys

Black Footwear For Boys

Sandals For School (Boys)

Footwear For Sports (Boys & Girls)

House Attire For Girls

Sunday Church Attire For Girls

Sports Outfit For Girls

Black Footwear For Girls

Sandals For School (Girls)

Approved School Clothing

Church Attire

  • 1 Pair of Kaba & Slit (black and white wax print) of house wife style – (Girls)
  • 1 White cotton polyester straight dress – (Girls) (prescribe style is attached to the form)
  • 1 White shirt (long sleeves)
  • 1 Plain blue tie (Boys)
  • 1 Black trouser (Boys).
  • 1 Wax print shirt (Black and white) – Boys
  • 1 Pair of leather shoe (black/brown); not more than ½ an inch.

House Attire

  • 2 Yellow and White Check Dress(Girls)
  • 2 Yellow and white check shirt(Boys)
  • 1 Khaki trousers (Boys)
  • 1 Khaki short (Boys)

Prep Attire

  • 2 White shirts (long/short sleeve) – both sex
  • 2 Black trousers (Girls)
  • 3 Pair of socks (both sex)

Illegal Items

  • Mufti (any not prescribed house attire/dress other than the check)
  • Chains
  • Rings
  • Dangling ear rings
  • Bangles of any kind
  • Any item outside the prospectus is considered to be mufti.

Admission Details

Rules & Regulations

School Brochure

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