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Boarding Rules & Regulations

Rules for Residential Student

    Rules and Regulations for the Boarding House

  • Students are to follow the schedule for the day as provided in the prospectus.
  • No electrical gadgets are allowed in the boarding house (e.g. fridge, cooker, rice cooker, walkman, heater, microwave, hair dryer, laptop, music box, tablets, mobile phone etc). A breach of this rule will mean a total Confiscation of the gadget(s).
  • Ironing should be done only at designated places and time.
  • Each student must spend not more than 15 min in the bathroom.
  • No male is allowed in a female apartment/dormitory and vice versa.
  • Students must return to the boarding house by 3:30pm
  • Students must have their exeat cards signed by the housemistress/housemaster before they go home.
  • Wearing of any unprescribed dress/attire is not allowed in the boarding house.
  • All students are to observe siesta/rest hour.
  • All students are to observe the permitted days and time allocated for visiting.