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10 Mar, 2021 0 comments

Formation of Political Vigilante Groups is a Threat to the Nation7

One of the things that continue to make us proud as Ghanaians is our peace and political stability. However, the formation of vigilante groups by political parties in the country has become a great threat to this our long-cherished peace. 

One way in which political vigilante groups threaten our national security is causing of confusing during elections. Members of vigilante groups often dress in military-like attire, with most of them wielding guns, which can cause fear and panic among electorates. When this happens the people who feel intimidated may leave the polling station with anger or start to struggle with the given vigilante group. 

These groups which are mostly formed by leading political parties in the country, work for the interest of their affiliate parties. As a result, they follow key members of those parties to rally grounds and other places. And, unlike personnel of the professional security institutions like the Police and the Military, who know how to deal with people professionally, members of vigilante groups can mishandle or abuse persons whom they have confrontations with, in their bid to protect their political masters. Also because these groups do not operate under the directives of the leadership of the various national security agencies, they cannot be controlled by them.

Political parties who own these vigilante groups cannot themselves control them. A member of one of the vigilante groups was recently reported to have openly physically assaulted a senior police officer, whilst another one reportedly went into a courtroom and distracted proceedings, freeing a crime suspect.  All these are threats to national security.

What makes the formation of vigilante groups even more threatening to peace and national security is the fact that the politicians whom they work for usually hire trainers with criminal records to train them.  Additionally, members of political vigilante groups are equipped with weapons that personnel of our various security agencies may not have.

The early we act as a country to deal with the situation, the better it will be for the peace and security of Mother Ghana.

Amekah Afia Patience

Form 3 Business 

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